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Dandy madman (28th Nov 22 at 1:13am UTC)
"Uh-huh.". It's been a day and a night. You must be hungry. You go to wash your face first, and then go to eat. Meng Wen said hurriedly. Why do you still have a towel at home? No, aphids? When Lin Yun saw that Meng Wen was still covered with a face towel, he could not help saying casually that Meng Wen had lowered her head. But did not speak, not like the first time I saw the mysterious and strong. Lin Yun did not continue to ask. He hurried to take a bath, and when he came out, Ye Tian had already prepared the meal, "Why don't you eat?" Lin Yun saw that he was only eating, but the two women did not eat. We have eaten. Meng Wen hurriedly said. Lin Yun nodded and stopped talking, eating quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye he ate three bowls of rice. But now Lin Yun is also used to eating not to make a lot of noise, originally very do not care, but do not know why now unconsciously to correct. I really don't know who influenced it. After dinner, Meng Wen helped Lin Yun pour a cup of tea, and Ye Tian took the bowl away. What happened yesterday has been suppressed. The information I inquired about was classified as gang fighting. Huang Xiao and Wang Fei,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, the bosses of the gang, fought for power with each other, and the internal strife became a huge casualty. Meng Wen seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when she said this. Indeed, this result is the best for her. Huang Xiao? Lin Yunxin said who Huang Xiao was, as if he had heard Xu Shi say yes. A boss of the Wolf Gang. Huang Xiao is the man with white skin. He was later killed by Meng Zhen. When Meng Wen saw Lin Yun's question, she quickly answered. Then Meng Wen left the living room immediately,water filling machine, and in a short time she brought something to Lin Yun. This is what my father's friend Uncle Zou left behind. Meng Wen handed things to Lin Yun and said. At that time, Meng Wen just took a part of it and put it on her body for Lin Yun. Later, Lin Yun took the initiative. Heaven on earth, once again saved Meng Wen, Meng Wen decided to take out all the things to draw Lin Yun, anyway, these things in her body also have no use, even if it is to repay his life-saving grace. Small-say-t-xt-day. Don Chapter 157 . Lin Yun hurriedly took what Meng Wen had handed in. ,。 Open it. It's some maps. There is also a bamboo slip and two letters. Professor Zou? Isn't this the same person that Qin Wushan said? No wonder there is a spirit stone here. It turned out that when the former professor came, he left two Lingshi and all the things behind. It seems that what he brought should be rubbings. Lin Yun, a former professor of the Ministry, felt respect in his heart. He knew that it was more dangerous to go out this time, bottle blowing machine ,Edible oil filling machine, but he didn't bring anything. This is not only a dedicated professor, but also a lover of his native land. Uncle Zou is a professor in the physics department of Yan University. This box was obtained when it was cleaned up in the last lake of Yan University. This was more than ten years ago. Because there were two strange stones in the box, Uncle Zou insisted that the stones contained a kind of energy. Later, after more than ten years of research with government investment, the government abandoned the research. But Uncle Zou did not give up, and after several years of research, he still had no conclusion. Half a month ago, Uncle Zou decided to go to the address on the bamboo slips to find this kind of stone, and gave everything to me for preservation before he came. It's just that the stone was originally two pieces, but Uncle Zou gave me only one. "Uncle Zou knew that I had a blood feud and practiced martial arts handed down from my family, so he wanted to give me this stone so that I could make faster progress." Don't get me wrong. Now that I have avenged myself, this stone is of no use to me. Not all Meng Wen finished, saw Lin Yun looking at himself as if a little strange, hurriedly added. But I really only have one of these stones, and I don't know another one. Meng Wen finished, as if afraid that Lin Yun suspected that he had hidden another stone and explained it again.
The snow-covered Mismi Mountains in southern Peru? Lin Yun read from the letter left by the former professor that the stone probably came from the snow-covered Mismi Mountain in southern Peru, which is also the source of the Amazon River. How could it be so far away? Lin Yun picked up the bamboo slips again, but Lin Yunxun really didn't know many of the words on them, so he had to put down the bamboo slips again and pick up the letter again. Looking at it carefully again, the former professor was not sure that the spirit stone came from Mount Mismi, which is as high as 5000 meters above sea level in Peru. Of course, there is no problem with Lin Yun at this altitude. "But is it all right to teach before this?"? Lin Yun began to worry about the professor. Seeing Lin Yun holding the letter and not speaking, just frowning and not saying a word, Meng Wen did not dare to say anything, but waited quietly. At this time Ye Tian also packed up his things and came to sit next to Meng Wen. Lin Yun picked up another letter and opened it, but what the former professor wrote in this letter was a little different. The professor believes that the biggest doubt on the bamboo slips is Mount Mismi, but there are also major doubts in the Amazon rainforest. A possible route was even marked on the bamboo slips. The lines run all the way from Manaus, a small city in Brazil, to the snow-covered Mismi Mountains in southern Peru. And there's no exact address, just one possible route. The final marking of the route was also drawn from the vague place on the bamboo slips, and the former teacher also knew that he could not find it along the route, so he had to go directly to Mismi Mountain to check it. Judging from the two letters from the former professor, he did not know whether Mount Mismi was the end of the road map or an address. How do I find this? Lin Yun was also confused in his heart. Lin Yun picked up the bamboo slips again, except that the bamboo slips were already blurred and could not be removed, but he could vaguely see a faintly drawn road map, which was somewhat similar to the one left by the professor in his hand. But he could not see any address clearly,water bottling line, so Lin Yun had to put the bamboo slips away again. Can I have these things? It took a long time for Du Linyun to turn around and ask Meng Wen. Of course, if you need it, you can take it. These things can also be said to be given to me by Uncle Zou. Meng Wen answered without hesitation. gzxilinear.com
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