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The road of online games is invisible. (28th Nov 22 at 1:19am UTC)
Later see if the water mouth wind is very tight, but want to go up the mountain meaning is very firm, the two of them simply do not do, two endless, directly put if the water up the mountain, but also with good intentions with citron mirror on the water body blessing strange incense, let its action in the middle of the lake mountain unimpeded. Just if the water does not know, although the mirror strange incense does have the miraculous effect of improving the speed of life mana recovery, it is really a communication card prepared by Qinglan Pavilion for outsiders, but in fact it is not a trap prepared by Jingyun and Qinglan Pavilion players for outsiders, the Qinghai faction is famous for its three specialties of refining strange flying swords, hiding traces and sand magic weapons. And the fragrance blessed by this precious mirror to the player can be best matched with the unique method of the Qinghai School. As long as the body is blessed with this fragrance, it can be easily tracked by the player who has learned the method of the six-five-shaped stealth. Moreover, even if the person being tracked is highly skilled, as long as the fragrance does not dissipate, it will not be able to see through the stealth of the stalker. The mentally retarded master and the one-headed muddlehead are both masters of the Qinghai School. They have a deep study of the method of tracing the six-five forms. Originally, with the difference in rank between them and Ruoshui, if they want to track them,digital signage kiosk, they can't hide from Ruoshui's eyes and ears at all. It is a pity that with the cover of the precious mirror, no matter how high the level of water is, no matter how careful the action is, no matter no matter how fast the flight is, when looking for treasure and alert, it is impossible to get rid of the four bright eyes of the two door gods of Qinglan Pavilion. And Ruoshui's sneaky behavior along the way has strengthened the confidence of the mentally retarded master and a muddled head-the action of the white-clothed player in front of him is totally different from the task he said he was going to do before, where there are fewer people,facial recognition thermometer, where he will go, and where he is not close to the lake center with the most NPC on the mountain, so there is no ulterior motive to say. That's a ghost. As the saying goes, tit for tat, poor Ruoshui thought that he had deceived the mentally retarded master and his head, but also secretly laughed at these two people, but in fact he was deceived, Ruoshui's every move, every word and deed on the mountain in the middle of the lake fell into the eyes of others, was seen clearly, heard clearly, and finally. Even the dialogue with Chang Yang's illusion was not concealed by the mentally retarded master and a confused head, and the purpose of this trip was exposed. Had it not been for the spell that Chang Yang's illusion gave Ruoshui turned into a blood lotus and sent Ruoshui directly out of the mountain in the middle of the lake, smart interactive whiteboard ,touch screen kiosk, I'm afraid he would have even unconsciously led the two tails directly to find Chang Yang's treasure. PS: It's painful to drink one after another. It's not easy to keep updating. Let's subscribe! Even if your message is only one (_ _), it will become the driving force of the author's creation. Please try your best to cheer for the author! Chapter 458 behind the Yellow Sparrow outside the three-edged Rock. Chapter 458 behind the Yellow Sparrow outside the three-edged Rock. The spell that Chang Yang's illusion casts on Ruoshui's body is a kind of flying escape method in the magic way. It is called the art of blood light escape. The speed is very fast, far faster than the normal speed of the sword and the escape light flight. Moreover, when Ruoshui's body is taken away by the blood lotus, the fragrance on the blessing of the citron mirror is also isolated by the blood lotus. , all in ωo Although only temporarily isolated, the blood lotus is also unable to eradicate the smell, but the mentally retarded master and a head of paste for a time can no longer rely on the mirror to track down the water unscrupulously. In this way, let Ruoshui smoothly get rid of the tracking, far away, by the way also unconsciously disrupted the two people followed all the way, and finally kill the plan to seize the treasure, so that they had to accept the method of invisibility, show their figure to discuss countermeasures. I said that there must be something wrong with this sneaky boy, but I didn't think that he had come to the mountain to dig the treasure. Wahahaha, paste, this is really the time for us to make a fortune. Go, while the wonderful fragrance of the treasure mirror is not dispersed, let's hurry to the Three Blade Rock and wait by the side. Don't let the boy in white really take away the magic weapon. The mentally retarded master grabbed the sleeve of his head and dragged him after Ruoshui. At the same time, he couldn't help laughing.
Although his level breaks 100, he is also a strong player in the Qinghai faction, ranking among the top players in the road, but compared with those famous top players in the road, such as the top four of the Morning Star, the Lord of the Four Elephants of the Natural Moat, Chu Bihen of Wuyang City, King Wind of the Major League and so on, the difference can not be counted by the road. So after hearing Chang Yang's illusion about his hidden magic treasure and Tianmo Bie Zhang just now, he was really very happy. It's not just a few magic treasures. It's clearly a ladder to climb the sky. As long as you can get these treasures, especially the Royal Demon Heart Mirror that can resist Tianmo Heart Demon and the Nine Demons Royal Thunder Umbrella that can resist Thunder Law by Demon Qi, The chance of success is bound to increase greatly when crossing the second disaster, and when the time comes, his mentally retarded master will also be able to become a powerful man. It was a confused and thoughtful backhand that grabbed the mentally retarded master and stopped him from starting the flying sword to chase Ruoshui. "Mentally retarded, don't be happy too early. The man in white has good means and strong magic power. I don't know how long this task has been done. I think he is determined to win it.". With the strength of you and me, even if you have the intention to attack him, you may not be able to do your best. In my opinion, if we want to get these treasures, we have to think of other ways. After all, there is a time limit for the blessing of the Citron Treasure Mirror. How can it be delayed? Want me to say, with mental calculation unintentional, even if that boy is really scattered immortal people must not be your opponent, what else do we need to think of? Now is not the time to be timid. If you delay the opportunity,smart whiteboard price, it will be too late to repent. The mentally retarded master said impatiently. He did not know that the strength of Ruoshui was above himself and his head, but the attributes of the magic treasure books mentioned by Chang Yang's illusion were too attractive, so how could he endure his greed for a while. hsdtouch.com
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