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Emperor Group: Tame the Iceberg Husband (28th Nov 22 at 1:25am UTC)
Bai Xiyan looked at him quietly, but he just drove the car, driving fast. To the central Bureau, he also ignored her turned to go in, Bai Xi Yan had to keep up with his pace, walking behind him. Hui and Chen Jiahan were afraid to make a sound, and when they saw the people in front of them get out of the elevator, they went to the office without stopping, and the door crackled. They looked sympathetically at Bai Xiyan beside them: "Little white sister-in-law.." Thanks for your hard work. Bai Xiyan blinked her eyes and then reacted to the meaning of their words: "Ho, what a good one of you." Let me be cannon fodder? She doesn't want it! Can't she hide if she can't be provoked? She went straight to Ah Hui's desk. Before her buttocks touched the stool, she roared from there: "Come in quickly!" She jumped down and hurriedly pointed the spearhead at Ah Hui: "Why don't you go in quickly? Your boss is calling you..." "The chief is calling you." Chen Jiahan gloated. Bai Xi Yan- "the other end came roaring, Bai Xi Yan lamented, her future husband can not be so scary ah?"? He hung his head and entered the door, not daring to look at him. He looked like a daughter-in-law and stood pitifully in front of him. He looked at her with burning eyes, still sulking, and he didn't know what he was angry about? Angry that she ran around and was caught,a333 grade 6 pipe, or angry that he didn't protect her and let her get hurt, or angry that she was so capable that she could be accused to the head? "Come here." When he spoke, he was not as angry as before. But Bai Xi Yan was still frightened, looked at him timidly, and then slowly approached three steps. Rong Haoen frowned, and what she said later made her stare even wider. Take off your clothes. Bai Xiyan suddenly tightened her neckline,347 stainless steel, didn't she? "Hao.." Haoen.. As soon as he saw her expression, he knew that she was wrong, and she was wrong, but he was embarrassed to open his eyes, thought about it, strode to the door and opened it, and told the people outside the door: "Go and call a doctor down.." Hui immediately replied, "Dr. Cheng?" "Zheng, you big head ghost." He bellowed at him and slammed the door. Zheng. Big head? Is that a call or not? Hui looked at a loss. You stupid protein idiot, call a female doctor, a female doctor. Chen Jiahan shook his head several times and gnashed his teeth at him. Chapter 41 medicine Less than ten minutes later, she saw Ran Kewei hurrying into the door with a medical kit. Her eyes were all on Rong Haoen behind her desk, uns c70600 ,x52 line pipe, and she didn't notice Bai Xiyan on one side. Horne? What's going on? Are you hurt? Where are you hurt? She went around to him and examined him with her little hand. Rong Haoen stopped her awkwardly and pointed to the person on the sofa: "It's her, not me." Only then did Ran Kewei notice Bai Xiyan, and the obvious stupefaction made Bai Xiyan feel that she was a person who should never have appeared here. Dr. Ran, put some medicine on her wound. Rong Hao-en suddenly regained his look and a businesslike tone. Ah Nope No. "" Bai Xiyan pulled the clothes on her body. Did her future husband want to kill her? Have a rival drug her? She would rather not. It's just that I didn't argue in the end. Ran Kewei walked up to her and gave her a far-fetched smile. "Miss Bai, shall we go inside?" "No.." Right here. "" Rong Haoen suddenly opened his mouth, then turned his chair and turned his back to them. Then I heard the man behind me say, "Miss Bai, take off your clothes.." "Can't you do that?" "The medicine will get on your clothes." "Uh.." Then there was a rustling sound. Imagine her taking off her clothes, and her graceful figure suddenly appeared in front of me. He frowned with chagrin and picked up his cell phone to distract himself. There was a low shout behind him, and he didn't want to turn around. Bai Xiyan was wearing only underwear, showing the perfect curve on her chest. When seeing the person that turn round, the eye also instantly stare big, busy protect a bosom, small face also fire \ burning up.
Ran Kewei's hand on the medicine was also stunned when she saw Rong Haoen turn around: "Haoen?" Rong Haoen was startled and turned around again. After a while, I heard Ran Kewei explaining the matters needing attention to Bai Xiyan, and then called him softly: "Hao En, are you free in the evening?"? My parents want to have dinner with you. Bai Xiyan's eyes widened in an instant. What? How dare you openly seduce her husband? I totally ignored her. She adjusted the clothes she had just put on, ran to Rong Haoen's side, took his hand, and said to Tiantian: "Haoen, go, I'll go too." I don't have to cook. Rong Haoen looked at Kewei, and then looked at Bai Xiyan beside him. His face was covered with frost. He pulled his arm out of her arms, looked up, and refused: "I don't have time.." Ran Kewei knew he would refuse, but he didn't even think about it. He blurted out at once, and her heart was still hurt: "That." When will you be free? "Thank you, Dr. Ran." Rong Haoen obviously did not want to continue the topic with her and went straight to the door and opened it. His meaning was obvious, but her face was sad. He turned around and picked up the medicine box on one side and rushed out without looking back. The door closed, but he stood behind the door and did not move. Did he hurt her, and there was pain in his heart? Chapter 42 sleep together. Bai Xiyan looked at Rong Haoen standing there, the bottom of my heart filled with an indescribable feeling, he is still very concerned about her, right? Say so cruel on the mouth, but the bottom of my heart? Can you really be so cruel? She walked to his side with a smile and dragged his arm like every time: "Hao En, what do you want to eat at night? I'll cook it for you.." Before she had finished speaking, he shook her off with a frosty face. "Why was she being testified against?" Looking at his face,uns s31803 sheet, she could not help crying out, not that she was willing to let people testify ah? If she knew why, this wouldn't have happened. lksteelpipe.com
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