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The struggle of ordinary citizens (28th Nov 22 at 1:25am UTC)
Caderousse, a little drunk, looked at the two prisoners, who, like the people imprisoned here, were social workers, party members, ordinary people, and veterans, all members of the resistance, except that now they were bandits and robbers, poor people who had shed their blood for France, but now France was imprisoning them and executing them. France has been divided from de Gaulle "proud.". Turned down Petain's invitation. And declared that "all traitors shall be prosecuted.". And made them pay the price, the whole of France was divided, de Gaulle insisted on his Republic, Petain insisted on his France, and then what? Scenes of farce played out in this land, former resistance fighters became bandits and thieves, and every time the Anglo-American Allied Forces liberated an area, the resistance forces that refused to surrender to the national army would be wiped out as robbers and social workers guerrillas. Most of the responsible members of the National Army were from the Vian Regiment. They were more or less trained by the Germans. They brought the Gestapo to the National Army. Most of the captured prisoners were shot, and some were thrown into the "barracks". Torture was followed by being shot or sentenced to decades in prison. The resistance,x52 line pipe, on the other hand, fought against the national army and refused to surrender to the "traitors", shouting slogans such as "Long live freedom, for the freedom of France". France was divided, divided by de Gaulle and Pétain. Divided France, no politics. Only for profit! Both de Gaulle and Petain are just disgraceful politicians, all for their ambitions. You stupid, brainless pig. The guard listened to the two prisoners and shouted angrily. If you open your mouth again,321 stainless steel sheet, I'll kill you! As he spoke, he actually pulled the bolt, and watching him move, Fernando opened his mouth. Then he spat hard. Bloody red pig! The guard said and scolded with a laugh. At that moment, the prisoner, who had been silent all the time, pounced on him, punched him in the face, and the guard Yetong fell down, but he immediately stood up, holding the gun in his hand, and as he pulled the trigger, the prisoner who could join the national army grabbed a heavy board from the wheelbarrow, with three nails sticking out of one end of the board. The board swung directly at him. Both Fernando and Caderousse were so shocked by the scene that they forgot their uniforms and looked at the sudden change as if they were dead. Despite his fat body, the guard dodged back fiercely, 316 stainless steel plate ,x70 line pipe, but the board hit him in the shoulder and the nail went into his shoulder. There was a scream in his mouth, but as he screamed, his right hand, holding the gun, swung the butt of the gun and hit the other man violently. Just as he was about to swing the butt of the gun, the board hit him on the head, and blood gushed out in an instant, blocking his view. The prisoner who had received a butt of a gun grabbed a board and waved it like a bat. The slats hit him on the neck and chin, and with a scream he fell. He just lay there, staring up at the sky with glassy eyes. At At the same time, the gun in his hand was thrown into the pit, and Fernando and Caderousse, who had been awakened by the old silence of screams, were stunned when they saw the gun, and then seized it. Bang! Crisp. The two prisoners, who had previously attacked the guard like lunatics, were startled by the sound of the carbine, which echoed through the wood, and they looked with amazement at Caderousse, who stood in the pit with his carbine in his hand. Very good! Caderousse smiled a smile. It was an excellent duel! He swung his gun to the right. Help that bastard up! The two prisoners, who had become dispirited again, walked up to the guard and helped him sit up with his back against the wheelbarrow. The seriously injured guard stretched out his legs in front of him and looked at the two prisoners coldly, as if he were looking at the dead. His face was covered with blood and he opened his lower lip.
"You," you're dead! " Boom! The gunshot rang out again, and a mass of blood gushed out of the guard's chest. His head tilted, his legs stretched out, and he died. The two prisoners were so stunned that they could hardly believe their eyes. The previous anger made him forget the two men in the pit. Now, why did he kill the guard? "Caderousse threw his gun at them, and growled softly." Don't run! After the two prisoners had escaped, Fernando looked at his friend incredulously. Why are you doing this? Caderousse took a drink from the bottle and looked at the vanishing shadow. They're all French! At the same time, he jumped out of the pit, pushed the wheelbarrow aside, and watched the body of the soldier fall to the ground, as if he had been shot dead in a struggle. But so is he! Fernando looked at the body. Wasn't he? "Will you betray me?" Asked Caderousse, at a distance of two hundred metres, from the corner of the camp, where a group of people were running. I I Fernando hesitated. Would he tell the officer what he had seen? He looked into the distance and vaguely saw the officer's appearance, because the officer never smiled, so he was nicknamed the smiling man. Here comes the smiling man! "What's the matter?" Shouted the lieutenant, who had come running with a gun, from a distance. Two prisoners, they grabbed their guns and ran away! Towards there! Fernando's hand pointed in the other direction. Sound the alarm, a prisoner has escaped! The lieutenant shouted as he led his men in pursuit of the prisoner in the direction of his escape. Within a dozen seconds, the alarm in the "barracks" sounded, and then several motorcycles drove out. Maybe you'll be court-martialed! After the laughing man left, Fernando spoke softly. Kill a colleague, set a prisoner free, that's enough to send you to the guillotine! But Caderousse,x56 line pipe, who was sitting on the edge of the pit, looked as if he did not care at all, and he drank the wine from the bottle with a single gulp. lksteelpipe.com
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