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Kaifeng Zhiguai (Zhanzhao Tongren) (13th Dec 22 at 1:37am UTC)
Before Zhanzhao could stop her, Duanmu Cui bent down, holding the edge of the jar in one hand and reaching straight into the water with the other arm. The jar was at least half a person's height. She didn't catch it once, but reached down again. Her clothes, which were rolled up to her elbow, were wet all the way to her upper arm. A few strands of her long hair were also immersed in the water. Zhanzhao stamped his feet and said, "Well, why are you competing with the fish?" Gongsun Ce and Zhang Long also looked around curiously: "Guard Zhan, what is Miss Duanmu busy with?" Zhanzhao turned to this side, a "fishing" side exit, a huge splash around, at the same time, is the sound of heavy objects into the water. Zhanzhao was splashed with a face, after the reaction came over, regardless of other things, stretched out his arm to fish into the tank, next to her waist, the other hand holding her shoulder, arm force, to bring her out of the water. Duanmu Cui raised his hand to wipe the water on his face, but he didn't mean to come out of the water tank: "I will avoid the water." Zhanzhao was speechless for a moment. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Zhang Long and Gongsun Ce, who were dumbfounded. Suddenly he became angry and said,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, "I don't care if you can avoid the water. Hurry up and come out." Even Gongsun Ce and Zhang Long recognized that his tone was not right, not to mention Duanmu Cui. With a thump in her heart, she held the edge of the jar and said, "Hey, Zhanzhao, what are you angry about?" Zhanzhao saw that she was wet from head to foot, and looked like she didn't care about walking in the courtyard. His face sank, he loosened his hand to hold her,mirror stainless steel sheet, and turned to walk out. Duanmu Cui saw that he not only did not take over, but also left, the heart also came to the gas: "Hey, Zhanzhao!"! What does it matter to you if I go into the water? Without saying a word, Zhanzhao opened the door and left. Duanmu Cui stared at the unclosed door for a long time and then turned to look at Gongsun Ce. "What is he angry about?"? In charge of heaven and earth, can he still control me to fish in the water tank? At the end of his speech, he sat back in the jar with a crash. Gongsun Ce and Zhang Long looked at each other. After a while, they came over carefully to see that the water in the jar was only half of it. After she sat down like this, it almost overflowed to the edge of the jar. Through the rippling water, you could see her sitting against the wall of the jar with her knees in her arms. Gongsun Ce sighed in his heart: I really know how to avoid water. The skill of avoiding water is quite extraordinary. It was unexpected that the two of them suddenly had a quarrel, but they still had to get down to business. Gongsun Ce knocked on the edge of the jar and said, "Miss Duanmu, I have something important to discuss with you. Can I.." Can I have a word? Didn't answer for a long time, so that Gongsun Ce once questioned the sound effect of water as a medium, thinking that she didn't want to come out, whether she had to take a ladle to scoop up the water in the jar. "I have something to say." Look at the situation, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, she didn't intend to come out, GongSunCe heart sighed, to make a long story short, will explain things again, during the period, the fish in front of DuanMuCui swim to and fro, buy salt and play soy sauce N times, see DuanMuCui muddy without the meaning of finding it, is really elated. Duanmu Cui's voice was lazy. He didn't sound enthusiastic or resistant. "It all depends on the arrangement of Lord Bao. When will you enter the palace?" That's the deal. ———————————————————— The sedan chair arrived at dusk two days later. She first took Duanmu Cui to the Kaifeng Mansion, and then went into the palace with Bao Zheng's sedan chair. When Bao Zheng was free, Duanmu Cui leaned against the window of the sedan chair and twisted the curtain to play. She twisted a piece of flat curtain cloth like a twist. She was twisting it vigorously. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bao Zheng and his party coming. Her eyes slipped away again and slipped to Zhanzhao, who was dressed in crimson official clothes. His face sank, and without saying a word, he threw down the curtain. She is single-minded to prepare to throw out the momentum to throw out the effect, just think, brush, curtain cloth with wind, the two people will be separated tightly, a discerning person to see, you will know how angry she is. It was a pity that she forgot that she had just twisted the curtain cloth into a twist. Not only did it not work, but it also made a cloth stick dangling by the window. It was very unpleasant. She wanted to smooth the cloth. Seeing that Zhanzhao was coming, she had to turn her head and pretend not to know.
Bao Zheng didn't pay attention to this side, but Gongsun Ce saw her movements in his eyes. He was amused and deliberately turned to look at Zhanzhao. Zhanzhao made his face burn. With a sigh in his heart, he went straight over and helped her spread the curtain cloth. He saw that her face was not right. Knowing that she didn't like it, he smiled and talked to her: "Duanmu, how are you these two days?" Duanmu Cui did not move, and a "hum" came out of his nose. Zhanzhao was going to put down the curtain and leave, but when he heard her hum, he suddenly stopped. Gongsun Ce was also attracted by the sound of "hum." He heard that her nasal voice was very heavy. "Miss Duanmu, have you caught a cold these two days?" He asked. Duanmu Cui said, "Well, it's hot and cold these two days. It's not strange to catch a cold." Gongsun Ce teased her: "It's true that these two days are hot and cold, but if you don't soak yourself in the jar for so long, you may not catch cold." Duanmu Cui's face sank and he reached out to pull the curtain cloth heavily. This time, he really couldn't see inside or outside. I heard the sedan-chair bearers outside shouting in unison, "All right, get up!"! Walk! The sedan chair swayed and entered the imperial city in this way. ———————————————————— Bao Zheng placed Duanmu Cui in the Empress Dowager's Palace. He only said to the outside world that the Empress Dowager had received a favor from the girl's family when she was living among the people. Later, when he remembered it, he entrusted Bao Zheng to make a private investigation on her behalf. In the past few days, there was news that the family was in decline and only an orphan girl was left, so he took her to live in the palace for a few days to talk about the old days. Empress Dowager Li was also very attentive to what Bao Zheng had entrusted to her. She had let the palace people clean up a good room in the palace long ago, and also matched a few of her daughters. When she met her, she saw that she looked like a pretty girl, with ice skin and snow skin. There was a lovely look between her eyebrows. The more she looked at her, the more comfortable she felt. She pulled her and talked for a long time before she let the palace people take her down to rest. She turned to her maid, Yinzhu, and said, "You see how attractive this girl is. She looks like a girl from a good family. She's clever and clever. She's not like that concubine Zhang, who is foxy and foxy.". "If our emperor can accept such a concubine, I won't have so many worries." Empress Dowager Li had always disliked Concubine Zhang,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, but she didn't show much in front of her. She was in her own palace at the moment, and she didn't treat Bao Zheng as an outsider, so what she said was a little revealing. sxthsteel.com
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