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Super Inn System _ 20200215155707. (13th Dec 22 at 1:47am UTC)
"Shopkeeper Lin, there is an urgent need for black grass in the places where the epidemic of rheumatism broke out in the three western prefectures. I know that shopkeeper Lin is also kind-hearted, but if we can send these black grass to the places where they are most needed, I believe that the people of the three western prefectures will be more grateful to shopkeeper Lin." Compared with Liang Gufeng, Yang Yankang's ability to control his emotions was obviously much better. Although he dared to ignore Lin Dong and was so angry that he wanted to kill Lin Dong on the spot, he still had a kind and gentle smile on his face. He said in a Consultative way, "I don't know if shopkeeper Lin would like to listen to my suggestion and give the black grass on hand to the county government for unified arrangement." And send it to where it's needed? Lin Dong looked at the long queue leisurely and was still studying how many people could stand on average within one meter. If you are willing, I believe that the people of the three western prefectures will certainly bear in mind the generosity of Lin Ji Inn, if you are not willing.. Yang Yankang smiled without a word. Ma Chun was happy, and the sarcasm in his smile was not concealed. Originally, according to the original plan, it was time to find a reason to transport a car into the city every day without inventory to perfunctory Yang Yankangkou. With Ma Chun's eyesight, it is natural to see that Yang Yankang's attitude of not wanting to make a big deal is many times stronger than expected. In that case, why give him a way out. Give the feudal officials face sè to see, but the scenery is infinite enough to show off every day in front of children and grandchildren, Ma Chun did not dare to think before, now can do, which will let go. Yang Yan Kang Dun was Ma Chun this provocative look in the eyes to be so angry that he trembled all over, Rao was in the heart kept saying the four magic words of the minister of the Ministry of Personnel, but also almost could not hold the thunderous anger that was Ji up. Go Taking a deep breath, Yang Yankang suddenly turned around and mostly left. Be careful that the road is slippery. Also, don't be straight or crooked. Our Lin Ji Inn has asked for a lot of help from the Hu Hu family. Ma Chun reminded me in the back. The yamen runners did not dare to make a sound. They waved their yamen sticks in front of them. Liang Gufeng hesitated again and again. When he withdrew from the crowd,aluminum tile edge trim, he couldn't help asking, "Lord Juntai, this is.." "Kill!" Yang Yankang's eyes were bloodshot. The yamen runners stopped in horror, wondering whether Yang Yankang meant to kill Liang Gufeng or Ma Chun. Half a year later, the Lin Ji Inn was full of doors, and I, Yang Yankang, vowed not to be a man! In the throat, the voice of determination burst out,aluminium tile trim profiles, even the time of the same key information about the plan to seize the minister of the Ministry of Personnel is revealed, Yang Yankang's state at the moment, there is no doubt on the verge of a violent walk. Fortunately, Liang Gufeng thought that Yang Yankang was for the sake of fame, and when the people of the three western governments moved back, Lin Ji Inn had no shield to start again. Wen Yan, although there is a thousand unwilling, or rational choice did not speak out Yang Yankang a few words. (!。 Volume 1 Chapter 424 Give Tianfeng Pepper First It was not until the evening that Lin Dong and Yun Lan returned to the inn first after the limited amount of black grass had been delivered. After that, Lin Dong never went out of the house except for three meals a day, and the black grass was still being delivered in an orderly manner, with 1500 plants a day, which always lasted until the evening. [.] Half a month later, Lin Dong successfully broke through the double of the heart retrograde period and reached the triple of the heart retrograde period. After the Dantian Wen Yang, which had burst into light and fog, came out, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel edge trim, with the help of the efficacy of Wen Le Dan, he continued to sprint day and night toward the quadruple of the heart retrograde period. Another half month passed in a flash, Lin Dong has been completely immersed in the continuous improvement of spiritual power, unable to extricate themselves, a good news came. The good news was not that Hu Hu Wu Yue had come back with a lot of black grass, but that Lin Dong had been waiting for Feng Yue for three or four months, and finally the news came. Although only Feng Yue asked to see himself, in Lin Dong's eyes, it was still a great piece of good news. Because Feng Yue will do so, there is no doubt that he is beginning to be impatient. Opening the door excitedly, Lin Dong went straight to the room next to the utility room. This room was originally vacant, but since the people of the three western governments settled in the inn, Lin Dong moved several top chefs of the inn to the backyard to live. Shopkeeper, if he agrees to stay in our inn, you won't really help him restore his spiritual power, will you? Following behind Lin Dong, Qiao Tianhao felt a little uneasy.
Over the past few months, he had made Feng Yue furious, and once again he was so angry that Feng Yue hit his head against the wall. Really want to help Feng Yue restore the spiritual power, said will not retaliate, kill Qiao Tianhao also do not believe. At the moment when he heard Feng Yue say he wanted to see Lin Dong, Qiao Tianhao's first feeling was that the sky was falling and the earth was sinking, and that he was going to live to the end of his life. But he didn't dare to hide it. Qiao Tianhao has no doubt that if he conceals it, he will not live to the end of his life, but he must live in the abyss of suffering in this life. Still do not know what Feng Yue means to surrender, Qiao Tianhao calculated again and again, or feel not very cost-effective. After all, Feng Yue in the end is what attitude, but also can gamble. Moreover, since the shopkeeper dares to restore the spiritual power of Fengyue, he will certainly not be unprepared, and how to calculate it is better than living in the abyss of suffering for a lifetime. Why don't you help him regain his spiritual powers? Lin Dong asked with a smile. "That, that," Qiao Tianhao stammered, "he has suffered a lot in the past few months. Once he regains his strength, he will definitely seek revenge from the shopkeeper at the first time." "Is it?" Lin Dong asked a noncommittal rhetorical question. The shopkeeper said, "Qiao Tianhao can't stand Lin Dong's attitude. He's at sixes and sevens and doesn't give a letter. If he had known it earlier, he shouldn't have promised to greet Feng Yue for a moment." All right, go and call Cheng Bao over. Lin Dong waved his hand. Hmmm Qiao Tianhao is busy nodding, this attention in his view is still good, after all, more than one person is more than one point of security. Shopkeeper, would you like to call Miss Yun over to watch the fun? As soon as Qiao Tianhao turned around, he thought of another good idea. You don't have to. Lin Dong shook his head, Feng Yue if promised to do, if not, it is inevitable to give him some ruthless. This kind of no grudge to lock people up, not only do not even have a full meal to eat, every three or five also have to tease people's behavior, let Yunlan know nothing,metal trim manufacturers, see with one's own eyes is not a good thing. When Qiao Tianhao left, Lin Dong stopped outside his door. Taking a deep breath, Lin Dong stretched out his palms and suddenly pushed the door. Creak.. jecatrims.com
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