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It's good to be a man -- the strong wind of me (13th Dec 22 at 1:49am UTC)
Liang Shu was Zhou Liming's words nailed in place, watching the other side so no nostalgia left his field of vision, he finally could not control the cry, "Zhou Liming you are a big bad guy, Zhou Liming you are a big bad guy.." Although he cried loudly, it seemed that there was only one sentence for him to toss and turn. He did not know that the man he was cursing was standing outside the bedroom, leaning against the door and listening to Liang Shu's cry. That's how bad I am. Zhou Liming silently read a sentence, but saw a man in the dormitory next to him with his head stretched out with a face of inquiry. As soon as he saw him standing in the doorway, he was startled and closed the door in a hurry. Zhou Liming lowered his eyes and left the public living room without stopping. Now the whole school should know that they broke up with Liang Shu, Zhou Liming thought, but this is good, it is better to break up completely. Chapter 42 Liang Shu cried himself to sleep that night, so when he woke up the next day, his eyes were swollen. Probably because he was too excited last night, he felt a little dizzy, and his mind was vague about what happened yesterday. Liang Shu's mind was blank. He brushed his teeth, washed his face,heavy duty cantilever racks, dressed his backpack, and found that there was no pair of sneakers under Zhou Liming's bed when he went out in the morning. Liang Shu suddenly remembered what happened yesterday. Yesterday, on impulse, he expressed his love to Zhou Liming, and the other party not only refused him, but also told him. Anyway,warehouse storage racks, I was completely abandoned by Zhou Liming when I was tired of playing. Thinking of this, Liang Shu's eyes went straight, and he could not feel any emotion, but felt as if his heart had been caught by a heavy hook and had fallen into an endless abyss. The feeling was so heavy that he could not lift his feet to walk, so Liang Shu squatted down and hugged himself. When the bell rang, Zhou Liming took another look at the door of the classroom, but Liang Shu had not come yet. He lowered his eyes and did not know what to think, but his hands still followed the teacher's rhythm and opened the textbook. Wang Zhiduo, who was sitting next to him, was the most gossipy on weekdays. Naturally, he also discovered this. He asked Zhou Liming in a low voice: "Why didn't Liang Shu come today? I see your face is particularly smelly today. Did you two quarrel yesterday?" Zhou Liming turned his head and looked at Wang Zhiduo until he swallowed the words behind him and closed his mouth before turning back and taking notes. Wang Zhiduo was a little frightened and angry by Zhou Liming's eyes just now, so he beeped silently and then began to listen to the lecture well. In the middle of the class, wire mesh decking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, there was a sound of running fast in the corridor next to it, and then I saw Liang Shu rush into the classroom. His hair was a little messy, his shirt was unbuttoned, his schoolbag was in his hand, and he nodded breathlessly to the teacher. The teacher raised his chin and went on with the lecture. Only then did Liang Shu drag his schoolbag to the back of the classroom. When he reached Zhou Liming's side, Liang Shu lowered his head and wanted to walk faster, but because of his panic, he tripped over his schoolbag and almost fell down. By the time he reached the last row, he was already sweating. Hearing the sound of Liang Shu's foot slipping, Zhou Liming's pen paused and left an ink dot on the paper, but soon he continued to record the following content. Although the teacher was still lecturing, there was a buzzing sound among the students in the classroom. Some sharp-eyed students, when Liang Shu entered the door, found that his two eyes were swollen today, the whole person was out of his mind and disheveled, looking like a rag doll whose soul had been drained. The Zhou Liang JQ group formed by several girls in the class immediately began to have a heated discussion.
My God, what happened to Liang s? Was he tied up by Zhou yesterday? Not only was he late for class today, but he couldn't even walk steadily! [I think so, you see, he didn't button up right, the whole person looks like his soul doesn't know where to fly!] [Ow, ow, ow, ow! It's too exciting! I can't stand it!] [What's the excitement? I feel so cruel. [Crying] Zhou came here today as if nothing had happened. Just now Liang Shu almost fell down and he didn't look at it. How can a boyfriend be so indifferent to people! What a scumbag!] [Yes, yes! How can Zhou be like this? How actively he kissed Liang in the stage play that day! Why is it like an outsider today? It's too big! In fact, I heard a gossip from the boys in our class yesterday. Said Liang cried in the dormitory yesterday and cursed Zhou as a bad guy, and then Zhou left directly from the dormitory. It seems that Zhou Liang broke up. [Holy shit! True or false! No way! When I was acting in the drama, it was as good as glue. How can we break up? Did you hear wrong? [I don't believe it! I don't believe it! How can I look at Zhou Liang's portrait in the future! This is cutting my heart with a knife [crying]!] Shit, stop beeping and look! Liang Shu seems to be crying! Several little sisters who were typing and typing turned their heads together, just in time to see Liang Shu lying on the last row of seats with his shoulders shrugging. Set the time to a few minutes ago. Liang Shu originally thought that he had released more emotions yesterday, and today there should be no more emotional craziness. Who knew that as soon as he looked up at the teacher's lecture, Yu Guang would sweep to the back of Zhou Liming in the front row. Every time Yu Guang saw the back of the other side, he could not help but turn his eyes to Zhou Liming. But when he saw the familiar outline, he would think of all kinds of past and yesterday's ruthlessness. He could not help but feel sad and aggrieved. As a result, Liang Shu's emotional value rose sharply, and he would cry loudly as soon as he blurted out. Liang Shu still had a little reason in his heart, so he had to bury his head on the desk and wait for the emotional value to slowly decrease. After blocking the line of sight, he felt better, but he couldn't help thinking of the scene when he first met Zhou Liming. At that time,shuttle rack system, he was also ill in class, so Zhou Liming wrapped himself in his coat and took Liang Shu out of the classroom. Now I'm sick again, but I'm afraid the other party won't do it again. jracking.com
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